2018 Victorian State Championships Report

Congratulations to all the competitors in the 2018 Victorian Optimist State Championships!  We all enjoyed a wonderful weekend away on the Peninsula at a fantastic and welcoming host club. 

On Saturday everyone arrived and we enjoyed plenty of space on the freshly cut lawn of BYS.  The sun was shining and the club looked wonderful with 114 White Optimist sails. On Saturday we struggled to have enough breeze to sail in similar to most other clubs around the Bay.  We were however very lucky that the kids had a fantastic day playing in the water whilst we waited and waited for wind.  Some sailors ventured out to see the seals and Spider Crabs.  Eventually the decision was made the Green fleet didn't race however a race was attempted for Open and Intermediate fleet however the sailors did struggle with the light breeze and tidal conditions. 

On Sunday the forecast was for stronger breeze and both Open and Intermediate Fleet were able to get four good races in with great breeze.  The wind was at the top of the level for the Intermediates and they were very tired by the time they returned to shore.   The Green fleet was moved into the left of the club which proved to be great for short sharp races and great spectator viewing for the families.   Mel Hitchen-Haw and her team did an amazing job looking after the Green fleeters with many learning new skills and growing confidence.  Green fleet returned for lunch with their friends before returning to the course for more fun racing. 

On Sunday we had a great Opti Muster where we were able to meet many of out new sailors for the first time.  It was great interviewing all the sailors and learning about which club they come from and the name of their boats.  Open fleet returned to shore later in the day and they also enjoyed smaller muster.  Thank you to all our sponsors including GILL, Waszp, Vigilante, PizzaDoh, Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron, Tudor Insurance, Boost and OptimumTime.

Monday we were greeted with great breeze again however it was a little cold out on the water and so the sailors had to keep moving and eating between races.  We were once again able to successfully fun 4 great races for the Open and Intermediate fleet.  The Green fleet had more great racing in the sheltered pond area of the club.   

Congratulations to all our winners and to all the children to received special prizes for their efforts.  The full list of the prize recipients is attached below.  Congratulations to all our green fleet sailors on completing your first Victorian Optimist States. 

Thank you so much to Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron, all the volunteers, the families, the interstate sailors and of course all our Victorian sailors.  The details of the 2019 Victorian Optimist States will be announced shortly.  

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