VIODA Training Groups

Victorian Optimist Sailing Team (VOST) & Victorian Optimist Development Squad (VODS)

The Victorian Optimist Sailing Team (VOST) was first established in 2009 to support the further development of elite Victorian Optimist sailors through specialised coaching and support at key Optimist regattas.  VIODA further added to this in 2015 to include the Victorian Optimist Development Squad which is open to all Open fleet sailors as an extension to their home club programs and to provide additional support to campaigning sailors.

The specific benefits available to a member of VOST / VODS include:

  • Victorian Training Camps – these have been structured in such a way so that our sailors can maximize the benefit of inclusion in the VOSS / VODS team.  The dates selected are designed to minimize impact on your nominated sailing club training programs where possible and enable members to attend from all parts of Victoria.
  • One (1) other Interstate Regatta – eg. NSW Youths
  • Not compulsory, but highly recommended, the New Zealand Nationals
  • Access to coaching from VIODA at major regattas including the National Championships, State Championships and other key regattas
  • Off water support from the VIODA State Coach.

Apart from obtaining access to these benefits, becoming a member of VOST / VODS comes with an important responsibility. VOST / VODS members are required to act as good role models and offer support and encouragement to other junior sailors. Further, while all members of VOST / VODS compete against each other they also help each other to raise their sailing standards. Fun and camaraderie are encouraged and good sportsmanship is expected at all times.

VIODA is a voluntary, non-profit association. All VOST / VODS costs and expenses are required to be funded by the members of the team. Fees for regatta support will be advised prior to any coached event and will reflect the cost to VIODA divided evenly by the team members participating. 

It is worth noting that travel and accommodation is to be arranged by each participant and their family and the associated costs will accordingly be incurred directly by them and reflect their personal choices.  Where possible we will work together with the coaching group to try to keep these costs as low as possible. 


VOST Selection Criteria:  

The VIODA Sailing Squad is selected annually in March  each year by the VIODA independant selection committee.  Sailors are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Results at Nationals & State Championships
  • Results at other Victorian Sailing Cup events
  • Demonstrated dedication to training and development
  • Demonstrated support of home club activities

This independant committee is elected by the Association and does not have any related parties on the selection committee.  The 2018/19 Selection Committee are Sam Mackay, Rhett Gowans, Adrian Finglas & Jan Talacko.   


VODS Selection Criteria:

The VIODA Development Squad is open to all Open Fleet sailors and is provided to assist all sailor who are seeking an extension to their home club programs as they travel as a campaigning sailors.  VIODA seeks to support all junior sailors to ensure both sailor and family receives all the support required as they start travelling to regattas around Australia and beyond.