The Victorian Optimist Sailing Team (VOST) Selection Criteria 2019-20

The team will be limited to a maximum of 8 sailors.

The first six selections are automatic selections calculated based upon results in open fleet in the 2018 Sail Melbourne, 2019 Nationals and the 2019 Victorian Optimist States.

The following weighting will be given to each event to calculate ranking:

●  Sail Melbourne 15%

●  Nationals 50%

●  State titles 35%

If a sailor does not attend Sail Melbourne, their ranking will be calculated based on a 50% split between nationals and the Vic state titles.

The next two selections will be made at the discretion of the selection committee using the following criteria:

●  Commitment shown to training/ racing

●  Coaches’ report of skills

●  Results in selection regattas above

●  Potential to learn and improve when put in VOST environment

The selection committee will be made up of three people:

●  VIODA Head Coach

●  Two independent people with knowledge of the Victorian optimist fleet (either parents often on the water or coaches that have coached in regattas this season.)

●  The selection committee must be agreed by a vote of the VIODA committee. These

coaches/parents must have no conflict of interest.

To be considered for VOST a sailor must be eligible to compete in the next Optimist nationals.