Victoria-Based Opti Boats for Sale

Victoria Based Entry-level Optimist boats for sale! (Updated as of 27 March 2024)

It is going to cost you more to pay charter or lease fees to keep your little Greenie sailing. So look around the sailing clubs in Victoria, and score an entry level Optimist dinghy and the boats do hold their values well!  Remember to ask for the boat registration booklet and sail certificates during purchase.

Please contact the sailing clubs or owners of the boats directly.

Disclaimer: VIODA is in no way related or affliated to the clubs or owners of these boats that are on sale. We are only sharing the information to assist our sailors into owning their very first, entry-level Optimist boat.  Happy shopping and we look forward to your little one with their very first boat! 

Explore this Facebook Buy Sell Opti community page to find a Victoria based Opti boat! (2) Australian Buy-Sell Optimist Sailing | Facebook


Club : Davey's Bay Yacht Club ( On FB Marketplace)

Sail Number : AUS 888

Price : $1300

Product photo of Optimist Sailboat 888   Product photo of Optimist Sailboat 888



Club : Unknown, In Melbourne City ( On FB Marketplace)

Sail Number : AUS 581

Price : $1350

Product photo of Optimist 581