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VODS of 2023 / 2024

Frances Gibson

Frances’s first sailing regatta was while in utero, when her mother competed in the Tasar Australian Championships in Queensland when she was 21 weeks pregnant. As a toddler she watched her mum depart the wharf at Williamstown to compete in the Australian women’s Keelboat Regatta. Her mother had previously been an Australian Champion having won the regatta before she was born. The family routine on a Saturday was to go to the yacht club with her dad and younger sister and watch mum prepare the boat for racing before waving goodbye. 

Frances’s first long voyage was on a 35-foot yacht sailing from Geelong to Williamstown at night. 

She watched her dad build a timber boat in the garage and then started sailing a Minnow which her father had built. In 2022 she started sailing an Opti and loves the friendships and camaraderie of the class with sleepovers with other girls being a highlight of summer. Frances has been fortunate to have received great coaching from Sofie, Nick, Peter, David and Jack who are now her first port of call for advice, before her parents!


Sofia Ceban-Geysman

I am thirteen years old and have been sailing since I have been 6 years old. Sailing is really fun and an incredibly social sport. I love sailing because of my friends, and how I feel connected with the boat and ocean.

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Lily Cantwell

Louis Coates

Savannah Deeth


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